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Adcom GFA-555 II with Blown Left Chanel

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    Originally posted by tyger23 View Post
    Alex, as I said before - I would replace the matching low-side fet as well. Since the Sanyo part that was original is not available, you'll need to replace it with a different part. You should buy the matching pair for the low side to ensure proper operation and minimal D.C. Offset.

    Yes, I have ordered the following from Mouser, I hope that is what you meant?

    PNP = 512-KSA1381ESTU
    NPN = 512-KSC3503DSTU

    I have also ordered some heat sinks hoping I can adapt those to the transistors and make them a bit more resistant.

    My idea is to change all 6 transistors from both sides: Q105, Q107, Q155, Q157 (VAS PNP) and Q108, Q158 (VAS NPN).