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Kairos 3-way vs Maximus 12lxe

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  • Kairos 3-way vs Maximus 12lxe

    hi everyone
    im looking to build a pair of fullrange 3 way. having built Bagby Continuums, id like to build a 3 way by the same designer!

    what are the pro's and con's for the Kairos 3-way vs the Maximus 12lxe?

    thanks for your time!

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    I would say they are for different applications. The maximus 12 is for high efficiency home theatre (read loud) and the kairos for music. Both will probably sound fantastic in either application as Jeff is one of the best as you know.


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      I think Jeff was trying to get a hifi experience with pro parts, despite diysoundgroup being known for HT products. It uses the Magnum 12 woofer which I recently tested and reviewed on youtube and it is very killer. I would want the Maximus myself, but the size difference is massive. Its more about what works in your space better for that reason.