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How to cut plywood panels

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  • How to cut plywood panels

    Im a novice at wood working. I am cutting these Bastinis Wildhorn speakers out of very expensive AppPly 1"

    Cutting the plywood should I cut on the center of the scribed line or to the right of the line where the the kerf just cuts the scribed mark on the left

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Generally, you want to cut with the kerf edge next to the scribed line. More important though is what you are cutting with. Ideally, you are cutting on a table saw, with a thin kerf insert and a high-quality sharp blade designed for cutting ply. You can get away with rip cut (along the grain) with lesser equipment, but crosscuts will require more than a circular saw to get the results you are looking for.
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      First off you would cut to whatever side is giving you the finished size you need. If you are using a circular saw I highly recommend using a straight edge clamped
      ​to the panel to give you a straight/accurate cut, also a good quality sharp blade is very important and safer.


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        Buy some cheap particle board to practice with. If you're not sure of how to do something, it's always better to practice with material that you don't mind messing up.
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          Cut so that the material removed is not part of the piece you want a certain size. Practice, make some cuts and see how things fit.