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  • Dayton Bluetooth Interface Board

    Hi Guys,
    I'm having a noise issue when i connect the KAB-INT up to the KAB-230 Bluetooth AMP. I go from almost no AC noise (20mV) to about 100mV with KAB-230 connected. This noise is audioable during no playing of music. I have tried a couple cards now and have similar results. Any hints or ideas? There GND between the cards are over the 10pin header. Thanks in advance

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    There is a single page trouble correction on the KAB-230 PE page; 1st link above user manual, quickstart guide, etc. Maybe not your issue ... has to do with the Aux input cable to the bt module.


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      Yes it seems to do with the AUX in for sure. I tried disconnecting this line on both configurations (AUX in only cable) and KAB-INT but the noise still is there. It only seems to go away when you plug in an AUX cable. Any one have a solution?
      Last edited by Bogiebenny; 08-14-2017, 07:38 PM. Reason: Is anyone else using the Dayton Bluetooth modules with AUX in?


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        Just got confirmation from Dayton. It's a known issue that they expect to have new fixed units in September.