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Raspbery Pi with Dac or Digital out board

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  • Raspbery Pi with Dac or Digital out board

    Rather then buy a Bluesound Node 2 or Aries Mini, I was thinking of going the Pi route with a digital out board and Volumio. I could feed one of my Emotiva DACs via the SPDIF out. Who has had good luck with a Pi based streamer? The recently released Allo DigiOne board seems like the new gold standard.

    I am tempted to try the DIY route rather than purchase the complete package, more for the fun than anything else.


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    They have a trial going on over at Audio Circle.


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      Do you have a link to that?


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          This earlier thread may interest you.


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            When my Squeezebox SB3 died about two years ago, I couldn't (initially) identify a drop-in replacement, and instead bought a Bluesound Node 2. I really liked it--it was well-made, sounded good, and was easy to set up and use. The only problem was that I couldn't keep the thing connected to my wireless network. It would work fine for hours, but it would often drop off the network after a period of inactivity. So, it was often disconnected when I sat down to listen. A reboot always fixed it, but that was a pain. I spent a lot of time with Bluesound support, but we never could resolve the problem.

            After that, I bought a Raspberry Pi (2B) with a HiFiBerry Digi+ board and set up piCorePlayer on it. It emulates a Squeezebox, so the Logitech Media Server setup on my PC didn't need to change at all. For the UI, I use the SqueezePad app on my iPad (or, occasionally, the Logitech app on my iPhone). It has worked perfectly, and I'm extremely happy with it. Since I set it up in December 2015, I think I've rebooted the Pi just once or twice. It's set-and-forget; it just works. (That probably also means my piCorePlayer software is way out-of-date, but that's not much of a concern to me given how well everything is working.)

            I've never tried Volumio or any other software on the Pi, but I wouldn't hesitate to take the plunge if you're interested in the Pi at all.



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              You might consider Allo's Boss DAC. Looks like it's actually cheaper than the DigiOne. You could then remove a component (Emotiva DAC) from your chain.

              I've been through a number of DIY DACs, which I really enjoyed building and using. I got the Boss DAC to having something a little more turn-key, and it's largely killed my motivation to keep tinkering with more DACs. There are a number of subjective reviews out there, virtually all positive. Most seem to confirm my own experience, which is that its value (i.e. bang for buck) is hard to beat.