I've been sort of away for some time, but have been reading this board on and off. I recently saw the MiniDSP 2x4HD and thought it'd be a nice upgrade to my old MiniDSP. How wrong I was. This is not an update. This is a whole different world. REW and rePhase are infinitely more powerful than LSPCad could ever be. I feel as if everything I learned is now useless. Sure, passive crossover design is an art, a science, a truly beautiful thing to know. But I feel as if there's no point anymore. I can't build the filters rePhase can. Nobody can. Nobody can do a crossover with a linear phase from 20Hz to 20 KHz, and with a perfectly flat frequency response. Nobody can do a crossover that sums up perfectly well at any order. Nobody can escape the parasitic losses of a passive crossover. Oh, but rePhase can do it, in seconds. I should be ecstatic. I used it to cross-over my passive-active OB design (documented somewhere here), and it linearized the phase and killed all FR anomalies. I can dial 4 house curves or a flat frequency response. I can use USB, TosLink or Coaxial inputs. I can stop using a preamp, since now the MiniDSP can work as one. I have such a high degree of perfection at my fingertips, I can't feel but sad at how obsolete my skills became. :(