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The new MiniDSP 2x4HD has made all my skills obsolete. How about yours?

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    I'm just a lurker here, a total neophyte who has never soldered a crossover let alone designed one but I have to say - WOW!

    After reading this thread I hooked up a pair of xover-less 2 ways, fed a minidsp (the cheaper analog one - not the HD version) a signal and output to a pair of $25 Sure amp modules - and am having the time of my life.

    I've set up various crossovers while examining the specs for the drivers, bought a umik and experimented with REW and equalization, and run a delay to play with phase (to hear what cancellation sounds like).

    This is surely one of the best ways to learn about audio and speaker design and bring people into this hobby. It brings all the concepts I've read about here within reach, I don't need a box full of crossover parts, the time savings / convenience is great, and I can focus on box building and cosmetics (the part I'll probably enjoy most)

    I'm only afraid that I'll blow a tweeter (actually, they're compression drivers) or - more likely - max out headroom and blow out the amps. Even so, it will be worth it to me even if my results are (there is no doubt) less than professional at this point.