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Noob question-- Voxel and SA25 amp?

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  • Noob question-- Voxel and SA25 amp?

    Hey guys,

    I'm officially hooked on this speaker thing.

    I finished some Bagsby Quarks this past month, and it was great...but lacking in low end.
    Now, I'm working on a Voxel speaker to compliment them.
    I bought the recommended parts for the Voxel, as well as a SA25 plate amplifier.

    A few questions:
    1. Can you recommend a good 2.1 amplifier to drive the Quark and Voxel?
    I'd like it to be pretty nice looking and somewhat compact so that I can stick it in my office.
    2. There's two outputs on the SA25--do I use both? do I just use one output? Which one?
    3. Should I just nix the SA25 and just connect the terminals directly to the Tang Band driver?

    Anyways, thanks in advance!

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    So, are you planning on not using the SA25? A 2.1 would drive the sub and the Quarks. If you use the SA25 for the sub, you can use a 2 channel for the Quarks. The new Lepai 2020TI would work with the SA25.


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      Um, I'm a complete neophyte.

      How would I be able to use a 2 channel for the Quarks with a SA25?
      I have a SMSL 50 that I've been using for testing the Quarks and the Overnight sensations.

      I'd gotten the SA25 because I heard that some cheaper 2.1 amps will reset the sub setting when turned off.
      Also, I figure that larger drivers may need more oomph for the low frequencies.


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        You can use your SMSL 50 with the SA25 too. The SA25 will power the sub and the SMSL 50 Will power the Quarks. You use the high level in/out on the SA25 to get signal from the SMSL 50. Here's a video to help explain.

        There is also a Voxel design that uses the SA70, check out post #17 of this link.


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          There's a really good video done by Parts Express explaining this!
          I also noticed the nice little terminals built into place and ready for a simple crimp.

          Thanks for putting up with my noobiness.


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            That's totally the video!

            Thanks guys.