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Which tangband W8?

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  • Which tangband W8?

    Hi people, I was wondering which tangband W8 would perform best in a 30 liter enclosure so I calculate them in a online reflex box calculator. They all seem to go to f3 25hz ( or 23hz ). The only thing is the performance where there is a 82db, 85db and 88db sensitivity.

    Do you guys know what the difference is and why to choose for one of the three w8. The speakers are





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    The two W8-1363 models are the same driver, one with a ferrite motor, and one with a neo motor. So the difference is weight and cost.

    The W8-2022 is quite different, flat diaphragm, shallow mount, and lower xmax, and 8 ohm impedance. Because of the 8 ohm impedance its best used in pairs for subwoofer duty.
    "I just use off the shelf textbook filters designed for a resistor of 8 ohms with
    exactly a Fc 3K for both drivers, anybody can do it." -Xmax


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      If you use something (better) like the FREE WinISD (from ) you can see a plot of the rolloff curves for these drivers. The 1363 series are really made for a (much) smaller box. You CAN use them in a box > 1cf but they end up w/a bit of "ripple", the "SB" driver having the most (so . . . no reason really to pick THAT one over the ferrite (SBF) vers., which should also be cheaper).

      What's more important to you? The 1363SBF can play about twice as loud (can take 2.5x as much power), has a couple dB "ripple", but would like a 19" long 3"id port.

      The 2022 will play much flatter, but needs a longer port tube. A 3" needs to be about 26" long.


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        That's what I thought? More dB and twice the power. So I don't see the special about the w8 2022.
        If you compare it to the w5 2053 javadS is using, that's a nice speaker with twice less dB output as the w5-1138smf but also twice less internal volume

        I don't want to buy something but are looking on the internet for fun. Maybe later


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          A friend of my have winisd but I don't own a computer