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    My simple mind isn't getting it. I bought the speaker and built a 1.0ft3 sealed box hoping for tight double kick mania in my minivan but a sealed box is too much to overcome for a single 10" speaker in a minivan. So I shelved it til I could get back to it. A year later and the speaker is discontinued but the specs are still up:
    It recommends a 1.75ft3 box. There is a recommended slot of 2.5x10.5x20 but I want to use a 2" PVC pipe which most calculators say only a length of 2.6". Why is the slot so much bigger? If I put in 2-2" round ports the length goes up to >6". Does the slot take away from internal volume so do I need to accommodate for the slot to keep 1.75ft3 internal volume if I did go that route? Or should I just use a short 2" PVC port?

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    It's about the cross sectional area. A 2.5"x10" area is much larger than even 2 x 2" ports. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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      Too small a port area will result in chuffing, and a 2" round port is too small a port area. If you deviate from the recommended dimensions the response will suffer for it. Also be aware that the recommended box volume is probably a net figure, the space taken up by both the driver and the port must be added to it.


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        The greater the x-sec. area, the longer the vent needs to be to achieve the same tuning. 1.75cf is really too large for relatively flat output from that woofer. A box half that size would give flatter output (BUT . . . would require an even longer port).

        If you MUST use a 1.75cf box, I'd suggest a 3" "Precision Port" that's 11" long. A single 2"id port is W-A-A-A-Y too small for a 10" sub (it will most definitely "chuff"). For a 10", I actually prefer more like a 4"id port, but THEN it needs to be nearly twice as long to reach the same tuning (roughly two FEET long).


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          First off thank you for the replies and second could someone recommend a book that I could help me catch up on the theory of speaker building?

          Chris, I don't have to build a 1.75ft3 box. If you could give me box size and round port recommendation for this speaker I would be so grateful. And then I need to start reading and learning the how's and why's!!


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              "SpeakerBiulding 201" by Ray Alden covers a lot of ground, is fairly current, and is pretty easy to read. Since Ray was a math teacher, he DOES have a LOT of math equations in the book, but you don't need to know/understand those to learn the basics of design.

              Most usually a closed box is recommended for autosound. If I had to use that Kicker in a car, ONE design could be a 1.5cf box with a 3"id by 16" long round port. A "Precision Port" will have less of a tendency to "chuff" than a 3" round port that you could make.