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    Hello ! I currently have elac b6 bookshelves in my living room and I am thinking about building Carmody's Amigas towers. I am a novice when it comes to speakers and all that and was wondering if I'm gonna see a big improvement regarding bass with the amigas design ? Do bigger cabinets (towers in this case) with 7" woofers offer more bass than a classic bookshelf with 6" woofers ?

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    I've not heard either of the designs, but generally speaking, you will get a lot more bass from a tower with 7" woofer than from a bookshelf design with 6" woofer. Go ahead and build it ... i'm sure that you'd enjoy the results.


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      Not sure if you want deeper extension or higher bass output level when you say more bass, but the Elac is specd to 44hz with no tolerance (likely -3db or more), the Amiga is specd to 35hz @ -2.5db, which is almost 10db deeper than the Elac. I heard the Elacs once and liked them, good for a cheap commercial offering and Andrew Jones is a good designer; but so is Paul Carmody, and his designs aren't crippled by bean counters and commercial budgets, offering less compromises than commercial offerings in the Elac price range, so I say the Amigas (which I haven't heard, but am certain sound very nice) are hands down the better offering here. My two cents.

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        The funny thing is that the little guys often have more initially apparent bass, because they have more boom. But when you listen to a real bass line, or the tympani come in from an orchestra, you will see real differences in the notes. Male voices should be less prominent, as the bump usually given to smaller drivers will be absent.
        The subjective way to say this is that the larger the box(and woofer) the greater the sense of ease with which it plays. It's just not trying so hard.


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          Agree with everything everyone else has said - the Amiga's are a great speaker. I have built the Amiga's and the Core 2-way's, using the same box, different baffle. The RS180 is a beast when it comes to bass and that cabinet size. You could also adjust the bass by shortening/lengthening the port a little and tune higher/lower, thus getting more thump or boom, but either way - great speaker IMO and would be a significant step-up to the ELAC's.

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            The Amiga are very easy to build. You will love the bass you get out of them, but more than that they just sound great!!!