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Trying to choose my next project-- smallish speakers for my office

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    Since you're going for a wider than tall cabinet, I would do a micro 3 way, woofer on the side with a mid / tweet vertical arrangement. Not sure if there's a published design like that. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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      Well, there was until the mid went NLA (300 min purchase) this year. I did a lay-down 3-way like that a couple years ago called the Xenoliths. Dayton DC160S-4, TB W3-315E, and XT25SC90.

      It was a 0.25ft^3 cab, with a full SXO network.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Xenolithssmall.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Xenoliths-Sim1Preliminary.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	XenolithPhysXover.jpg
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      If this is more up your alley, You might be able to find a used pair mids somewhere.

      BTW- I mounted the xover externally on the rear, and enclosed it. The main box was a PE Denovo knockdown that I doubled the baffle on

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        I'm partial to these, though I am admittedly, a bit biased.
        My modest builds:
        Armadillo TM, A.K.A. Lil' Dillo
        Tarkus/Armadillo build #2
        Armadillo Center Channel
        Au-Rock-O Sub
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          Btw, after coming home and looking for a Christmas present for my sister on mass drop, I found the SMSL Q5 is dropping!

          I just bought one in silver for my office.
          It'll probably take that amount of time for me to decide on the build, build it, veneer it, french polish it, etc.

          I'm debating buying another, but not sure if I need another amplifier?
          At this price it's only $16 more than my smsl sa50.


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            At this point I'm pretty sure that pretty much anything you touch is audio gold.
            I'm still a total noob at reading circuit diagrams (taught myself for first time in wiring the quarks).
            Btw, your sophomores remind me of slightly drunk, very happy, boisterous friendly guys when I see them.
            I'm not sure if I'm anthropomorphizing them too much?
            The woofers look like a quirky smile, and the tweeter/port looks like a winking grin.

            As for the three-way, I think the crossover is over my head? Or maybe I'm just really tired.
            Your crossover reminds me of the under-hood view of a hotrod.

            Currently, I'm looking into: Scott Sehlin Lithiums, Jeff Bagsby Soprano or Piccolo (both would fit, just not sure about sound difference), Speeders/Overnight sensations.
            The Bagsby Sopranos look nice since he voiced them to be stuck pretty much anywhere.
            Ditto for the Piccolo. I think he posted that his preference for on desk application would be the Sopranos.

            I'm not sure what else?

            While I definitely want to build a Wolf design down the road, I'd like to have them where they'll shine.
            I'll likely rip apart a plywood stand that I'd built for my autoclave...which I stuck a nasty polyurethane finish on...thankfully, I have Mirka Deros.
            It was Russian Birch Plywood (Russians make great plywood), and has 13 ply.


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              Can someone chime in on Jeff Bagby's Piccolos vs Sopranos?

              Since both seem to be pretty forgiving of placement, I'm thinking of building one of the two designs.
              In the meanwhile, I've called the exterminator to help get rid of the mice/rats.

              I'll need to ask my neighbors to move their chicken coop away from the back of my workshop.


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                After asking Paul, Paul (bulletstang) and Devin, I'll probably be building some Bagby Sopranos.
                Since I'll be laying these on their sides, the ribbon tweeter probably won't sound right.

                Thanks guys!


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                  Sorta raising a zombie thread.

                  Can anyone compare the Continuum to the Sopranos?
                  I may snag some tweeters and build some.