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How do I tame harsh midrange 300hz to 1.2k?

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  • How do I tame harsh midrange 300hz to 1.2k?

    I just built a bluetooth speaker as a beginners project. I used the tang band w5 1611saf and Peerless by Tymphany XT25SC90-04 1" Dual Ring Radiator Tweeter crossed at 2.5K using the dayton passive built crossover. enclosure size is 0.45cft. sound is very nice and clear but the midrange seems very forward and bright 300hz to 1.2k. I played pink noise to check it on a spectrum analyzer. How do i tame this area ? I also tried stuffing it with polyfill.

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    You described exactly why its harsh. You need to do some level matching between the tweeter and W5 using some crossover components that aren't present on the off the shelf crossover.

    search around for any projects using the W5 and see what those folks used for a crossover circuit on the woofer. That should get you headed in the right direction.
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