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How much is going too far? Is there a limit to reverse WAF?

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  • How much is going too far? Is there a limit to reverse WAF?

    Hey guys (I'm assuming guys, since most speaker affectionados seem to be dudes),

    After the Overnight Sensations and Quarks, I feel like I'm going off the deep end in drooling over woofers/drivers/crossover parts, etc. While my expectations aren't to build the world's best speakers. it's nice to see there's much nicer speakers than the $20 harmon kardons I found for free off the side of the street. Now, I'm starting to appreciate the beauty of a line array or a tower (like the Solstice), or the lines of a Kairos.

    However, is there a limit to going way too far?

    At a woodworking forum, someone posted pictures of LInkwitch speakers--which are supposed to sound amazing...however, I feel like they come out of some strange sci-fi movie. Then, there's giant horns that cover half the room. And then there's my dental lab guy that has an entire room conditioned with paneling, weird wooden surfaces, and a whole wall filled with one giant pair of speakers----it looked like some strange altar/chapel to a cult.

    Where do you guys draw the line?

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    What line???

    Usually the line stops when the AWA takes the credit card away.


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      A friend's wife is a musician. We built him washing machine sized speakers featuring 511 horns. His wife loves them, because they sound good. I assume that's what allows one to have big speakers, a wife who appreciates the sound, not the aesthetics.


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        I cannot speak for anyone else but I have never drawn the line. As space gets more precious I have tried to moderate a little. Its up to you!


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          There is a point where speakers can intrude on the other functions of a living room or den. When that happens your course is clear: Man Cave.


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            Originally posted by billfitzmaurice View Post
            There is a point where speakers can intrude on the other functions of a living room or den. When that happens your course is clear: Man Cave.
            Lol. I like how you think, Bill!


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              The secret is to get your wife to think that they are beautiful too. It takes some finessing for that to happen. Maybe some red wine and chocolates when you listen with her.

              I've got a pair of the Linkwitz LX521s probably similar to what you mentioned, and she likes them. Oddly, she LOVES the Pluto speakers made from PVC pipe and insisted that they be implemented as TV speakers when the larger speakers were built.

              But then again, I married an art historian who looks at old paintings and nude statues all day long. Who knows how that's affected her.
              Bill Schneider


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                Hey Bill,

                I like your wife already. Since she's still married to you, she must have good taste.

                I'll need to get a wife of my own someday.



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                  +1 on what Bill said. I've found the perfect balance is having a man cave, preferably sharing no common walls with the house. This way you can have a nice pair of speakers in the house for those times the little lady wants her music and a space to let your audio freak fly!
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                    Always better to beg forgiveness, than ask permission.

                    Go for it.


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                      My wife and I were very happy for 25 years. Then we met each other...


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                        Ya'll need to find and marry a lady like Mrs JR.
                        Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                          As I mounted the TV on the wall I'm tempted to make the biggest soundbar ever, as I reckon I can get away with it (the wife loves films).
                          Low WAF and high WAF at the same time


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                            post pics!


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                              OK, so long as that soundbar is at least six feet across. If the L/R are closer than that you won't hear them as distinct left/right, but as left of center and right of center. The number one error I see in ads for HT is a picture with the L/R placed tight to either side of the screen.