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$100 planar / ribbons... who's the class leader?

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    I'm thinking the Beston would go well with the Fountek that's also on sale for $31...
    nothing can stop me now


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      Originally posted by Dirk View Post
      I'm thinking the Beston would go well with the Fountek that's also on sale for $31...
      Those Fountek 146 mid woofers look pretty sweet at that price.

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        Troels Gravesen, on his site, likes the HiVi RT2H planar, which is $100. I am not sure how low it can cross, have never used it. It looks a lot like the Beston visually. He speaks of it having electrostatic clarity.


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          Jim Holtz's Bordeaux uses the AST2560 and I THINK he mentioned not having to make a rear chamber.


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            Yeah, that design is open-back.

            I pulled the trigger on the BGs...and also the Bestons and Fountek FW146 because I'm evidently short on impulse control. I'mma be set on projects for a good long while. I'll definitely have something new to bring to InDIYana. Maybe a couple of somethings.
            nothing can stop me now


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              Thanks for clarification - also...well done on the impulse buys!


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                Good call Steve! The HIVI RT2 models would do it. They are good to about 2.3-2.5k range.
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                  The Beston has a hump from 2-3k before roll off. I think that's going to allow an electrical XO that is significantly higher than acoustic.
                  nothing can stop me now