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Look at that cute little Peerless DX20BF00

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  • Look at that cute little Peerless DX20BF00

    I don't know how new is "NEW" on the product page, but I certainly hadn't seen it before.

    $12, low Fs, good top end extension & dispersion, good power handling. Where's the downside? Obviously the sensitivity isn't going to win any awards, but that's still more than sufficient for the average full BSC 2-way.

    What do we think? This might be fun with the 8" Silver Flute. Big rockin' speakers for $150, all up.
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    Don't know of (m)any 20/22mm tweeters that can mate well and low enough to an 8" woofer. It would need to be a REALLY well behaved 8" driver.

    That said- they sound good paired with 5" midbasses as heard in Kevin K's 'Gandalfs'.

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      Guess I shouldn't be too surprised a $12 tweet can't do Hiquphon things. Still, I may order a pair and try to do a distortion sweep. It'd be a fairly inexpensive experiment.
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        Mr. D!

        You seem to be full force back. Who put the nickle in ya? Oh wait, you can't race much in December.

        Hows the Soundeasy?



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          Soundeasy's done. It didn't make the transition to Windows 7, and a friend of mine gave me his Omnimic for an afternoon of manual labor. I do miss being able to measure acoustic offsets, but otherwise the Omni does the trick.

          And yeah, can't race much in December-- I just sold the ice racing beater. So I'm down to about 3 hobbies at the moment. It seemed perfectly natural to add a fourth and get back into building. And also I'm tired of Kristie's JBL L96s (don't tell her I said that).
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            Who says you can't measure acoustic off sets with omnimic?

            Measure on tweeter axis, measure woofer at tweeter axis. Measure combined. Import frd files into PCD. Note measurement distance and driver x and y offsets. Import combined file. Toggle z offset until the 2 match up. Easy, peasy


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              Hunh. I'll give that a go. I assumed it couldn't be done because there was no reference impulse. I guess I had better RTFM a little more closely.

              Edit: Yeap, right there in the ol' documentation.
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                Using it in this project, so far it sounds good