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    Revisiting the H110 horn-loaded Hygeia RT-5002. I modified the H110 horn to get a tighter throat matching to see if I should pursue that route any further.

    Before and after modifying the horn to correct for the aspect ratio disparity.

    After some fiberglass and resin and (rough) shaping with a pneumatic belt sander:

    My before-and-after graphs I originally posted here ended up being off due to me not settings things right in Windows that keeps changing the record levels on Omnimic.

    This is back-to-back, adjusting the mic distance to maintain 1m from the bare tweeter itself, and 1m from the waveguide exit plane when mounting it onto the tweeter (gotta move the mic back about 6"). Compared to stock without horn-loading, it's +17dB in some areas of the midrange.


    Overall, not bad for a $46 AMT and a $10 horn, I'd say. ;) Results are exactly what I expected. I'm gonna see if I can wring out anymore out of this, and according to my amazingly sophisticated mathematical modeling and calculations, if I bring in the horn side-walls by about 2-3mm to increase the loading, there should be an even great boost in performance. Stay tuned.

    Edit: That FR graph above is the final prototype. Not so much gain, but the response did smooth out on the lower-end! Tightened up fit shown below. Obviously this was all done by hand, meaning using pneumatic sanders, and a hand file. If I were to decide to use these, I would throw them on the mill and use a jig to get a nice square cut-out. to get it looking nice(er).
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