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    I am not up to date on all the blue tooth / Wi-Fi technology these days so I have a couple questions.
    I have a home stereo...Adcom amp and Adcom receiver along with some Paradigm speakers. My Sony CD player has started skipping while playing and is to old to repair.
    Cd Players are getting outdated so I was wondering what my options were to get music to my system ?
    I did a little searching and see that there are Bluetooth music receiver/ adaptors.
    Is that something that I could use to get music to my system ?
    Would it be possible to use other devices like
    Android Phone
    Older I pod
    USB flash drive
    to get music to my stereo system ?

    What suggestions would you have for my situation ?


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    First, where do you have your music stored? If you keep your stuff on CD and don't have library stored on a computer somewhere, go for a new CD player. If you have a library of files on a computer accessible to the network, and / or you listen to streaming services a lot like Spotify, Pandora etc, then go for a more modern approach. I'd look at Dayton's WiFi stuff personally. I have a Yamaha network enabled receiver and love it, the Dayton WFA28 will get you those features and let you use your existing gear.

    I'd avoid Bluetooth, I hate the pairing and seem to always have trouble and the quality suffers a bit.
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      FWIW, I use my Blu-Ray player to play CDs. There is a reasonable selection of DVD and Blu-Ray players out there with good audio electronics.


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        A lot of the new CD and DVD players ( and even boom boxes ) include a USB port to allow recording and playing.
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          Originally posted by fpitas View Post
          FWIW, I use my Blu-Ray player to play CDs. There is a reasonable selection of DVD and Blu-Ray players out there with good audio electronics.
          ​Great idea. Someone gave me a used very inexpensive DVD player, it didn't always work well playing DVDs, so I relegated it to playing CDs in the garage.


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            That's what I do in the shop. Even the really inexpensive DVD players seem to do a fine job playing cd's


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              My Sony Blu Ray player (for either $100 or $150, I can't remember) plays Blu Ray, DVD, CD and SACD (and some other formats I don't use).

              Also, rather than Bluetooth you could run Headphone jack to RCA adapter from your phone or a tablet to your stereo - I got a Kindle HD Fire 7" for $29 on prime day (it can stream Pandora, Spotify, etc. also has expandable SD card, or I can store my music online (Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.) and stream).


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                The cheap Sony BD players only send SACD via HDMI outputs, so that gets harder to extract the sound from the second layer. It will play them in native redbook format over the remaining outputs. There aren't many inexpensive or expensive DACs that decode SACD via HDMI, as Matt exhausted his search trying to find one for his BD player. I think Bryston is one of 3, IIRC. Other equipment with the decoding like Oppo and such I believe send out analog connections.

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