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Your favorite 2" full range 100hz up.

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  • Your favorite 2" full range 100hz up.

    I'm looking to build a compact keyboard monitor with a sub. To be used in tour vans,
    cheap motel rooms and girlfriends mom's couches. I have no experience with these
    little guys but see they are getting quite popular. I could use up to 3".

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    I'd go with a 3". 100Hz is asking a lot of a 2". Sticking with the ND series Tom mentioned, the ND90 or ND91 would be great in this application. They're both based on the Aura NS3, so that's a good option as well. Not the last word in resolution, but they're little tanks and will give you 100Hz all day in a small sealed enclosure.

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      Any love for the ne85 or ne95? Beautiful drivers (as is the whole line) and I know the big brethren are well revered....
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        Dayton W3-1053, HiVi M3N, PS95, TB W3-1878S, TB W3-593SF/W3-871, or Aura NS3 would be my heard/applied/used preferences.

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          If we move to 3 inches then Dayton ND90 and Aura NS3 and Fountek FE85. There's a bunch of 2 inchers I've used but only good to 500 hz
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            Scanspeak Discovery 5F/8422 They are a little pricey but sound amazing. I snagged a pair for about half of retail on flea bay.



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              I had a very busy day yesterday and did not get a chance to look back these recommendations.
              That Scanspeak looks great! I grabbed some Eminence Alpha 3-8 right at the shipping cut-off yesterday,
              for the price I figured they are worth a try. Thanks!


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                Originally posted by fdieck View Post
                Scanspeak Discovery 5F/8422 They are a little pricey but sound amazing. I snagged a pair for about half of retail on flea bay.


                He mentions he likes the foam surround on the speaker, but doesn't mention why in the write-up.

                So why does he prefer foam? Is it somewhat more lossy than rubber or something?

                To the OP's question: There were a couple of threads at diyAudio where a member mounted quite a few different full-range drivers and then recorded the output in files that users could download. Members were able to vote for best-sounding drivers. The first round I think the Faital 3FE won. The second round I think a Vifa driver came out on top?

                Seems like a nutty way to go about things but several other members familiar with more than one of the drivers said the recordings were in fact representative with what they felt the drivers sounded like.

                My FAST system uses Faital 3FE22 drivers for the full-ranges, and a couple of GRS 10" subs for the bass. There is a "bass module" under each full-range and I xover at about 375-Hz. I ended-up going w/ 375-Hz because that was about as low as I could go before I started seeing the full-range cones move at higher SPL.


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                  I have loved every Faital driver I have used and it's been quite a few! Do you know what version 3FE? Thanks!


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                    I use the 4 ohm 3fe22 (neo), but the diyAudio test may have been the 3fe25 (ferrite).


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                      They both look fantastic! But the ferrite version "looks" even "better". Thanks! I will order some tomorrow
                      to put against these neo/ferrite hybrid Eminence units I have.


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                        I used the 3FE25 a few years ago. Great little driver! Very clear sounding.
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                          The FE22 can go in a box half the size, but won't even reach 80Hz. In 0.15cf, the FE25 can almost reach 60.
                          The AURA NS3/ND90-8 will reach below the mid 50s in that same (.15) box, and can take GOBs more power (20w down to 60Hz, vs 3w for the FE25).
                          They are little monsters (you might even find a sub unnecessary).


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                            The only Aura driver I have ever used was the NS-18-922-4A and it is one of, if not the best
                            sub I have ever heard, now I want to try the NS3 too!