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  • OT: Sound Card For PC

    I am running windows 10 64bit and my old creative sound blaster card doesn't have support for Windows I'm using onboard sound. I'm thinking about getting another sound card and not sure what to get. Looking for suggestions for a new sound card. Any one have one that they would suggest ?? Thanks

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    Don't know what software you are running. Sound Easy has some specific suggestions, they are for older cards but still good. I can't look on their website from here in the office, but you can check their site for the information. bodzio is the publisher.


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      Just an overview
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        Why not get an outboard high performance DAC and feed it the digital sound signal via USB?

        These are the ones I use and am very happy with them:

        Resonessence Labs Concero HD

        LKS Audio MH-004 - Dual ESS Sabre ES9038Pro chip DAC


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          I have 4 sound cards. I used them to test speakers using an input for monitoring. Ran with too much voltage and blew the input but output still works. My last sound card is a M-Audio Delta AP 192 bought used from a man that got a computer without PCI. It is not as perfect as my Asus high end cards but handles 4 volts so it does not blow. If you get a mother board with very high end sound that will work ok too. Do not get a cheap sound card for $ 38 because they have poor sound and will not handle much voltage at all.
          I have to run the Delta in Windows 7 compatibility. Easy to do in Windows 10.
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            The very pricey new EVGA gaming sound cards are true state-of-the-art sound quality, and you pay for it. You might want to look at some of the top-end gaming sound cards, as they are multi-discreet channel with really high fidelity sound.


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              If you need nothing but 2-channel, the Soundblaster X-Fi HD is a stellar external unit. Drives headphones wonderfully (seriously well), has switchable RIAA equalization on the line-in, should you ever want to digitize vinyl or whatever. Even has a ground lug like a good phono pre.

              It's a couple years old now, but it needs no drivers so even if Soundblaster decides to discontinue support, it'll continue being a good device. I love mine. I use it at work, and am thinking about another for home.
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                The X-Fi HD is what I run on the wifes PC. Nice unit indeed.

                Not sure about Win10 support, but it is hard to go wrong with most of the Asus line up.
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