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Sure 3x 2x100W Amp Question

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    Originally posted by Ron_E View Post
    I built an amp around the 320-325 Sure 4x100W board paired with a 28V PS. I measured 33 watts into 8 ohms before obvious clipping and 55 watts into 4 ohms. For a 4 ohm load that's less than a 3db reduction in output level over 100 watts out. Since your running an active system 55 watts will get you 17db above the drivers efficiency before the amp clips. I run the mids and tweeters on my Cherry Pi speakers with 22 watts/channel.

    Note: I presume you mean the 320-335 product - the TK2050 based amp.

    You used a 28 V PS. fairly close to the maximum rating of 30 V to get your power measurements (with which I agree). And there lies a potential issue. Commonly available (read as: cost effective, volume units) PSs come in steps; 24 V or 36 V. A 36 V PS exceeds the TK2050 maximum rating. Once you're forced into a 24 V PS, you've limited the maximum power output defined by that PS voltage (and speaker impedance).

    And if I was limited to 24 V, I'd use an amp based on the TPA3116 chip. Each channel is inherently stable down to 4 ohms and there are a myriad of modules based on that chip including many 2.1 modules with a built in LP filter on the sub channel.


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      It was the 320-335. I need to learn how to type again.

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        I have used 3 Sure Class D amp boards ran off the same power supply on several builds and never had any issues.