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Bash 300 install question.

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  • Bash 300 install question.

    Hi Guys. Just wired up my brand new BASH 300 to my Dayton HF 12 Sub. ( I used to have the YUNG 500 on it, but something on the board turned all black and it failed. ) :( Anyhow, I just hooked up this BASH amp and I can't seem to get it to turn on. I selected "ON" rather than stand by or auto. The "ON" switch is on. The red and black wires are connected to the driver. The only thing questionable is the Hi Level input, I only connected a wire from the right speaker to the right Hi Level input. Would this cause it to not turn on? I was hoping to not have to run a wire all the way to the left speaker on the other side of the room / book case / stereo set up... Most bass is mono so I figured just one channel is fine. Thoughts?

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    DOH! Just found one of the wiring harnesses was not plugged into the PCB. Fixed. It's on.