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    Originally posted by Ranis View Post
    Ok so I just placed the order, I got the Usher and Morel. Now the real work starts, designing a crossover.
    Nice choice. That will be a very easy combo to make sound great. If you're not ready to spring for the measurement gear, these drivers are so well behaved that you can probably do pretty well by looking at some mfg graphs and making some guesses with the miniDSP. I'd definitely measure before springing for the passive components though.

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      OK, so while I am waiting for things to arrive in the mail I have started playing around with designing a box using unibox. It looks like a vented design would be preferable as a sealed design doesn't seem to handle much power. After messing around a bit I came up with a box size of 22l with gives a tuning frequency of 36hz using a a port 2 in diameter by 14 in long. Does this sound about right to you guys? I wanted to change port size but unibox won't let me. Also was going to make the box 10 in wide by 14 in tall and 14 in deep.


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        I really like the 22L (0.77cf) size, but in that size box, a 2" x 14" long port does not tune the box to 36Hz (WinISD), you end up at 26Hz, which is way too low.
        (Maybe one of your input units was off in Unibox?)
        For 22L, I like a 2-1/2"id x 8" long vent, which gives an Fb/F3 in the low 40s. Should be GREAT for music !
        The length fits in your box, and the bigger size will be less prone to chuffing.
        You COULD even go w/a 3" x 12" port, but it might need an elbow.


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          Originally posted by Ranis View Post
          O I wanted to change port size but unibox won't let me. Also was going to make the box 10 in wide by 14 in tall and 14 in deep.
          In Unibox, change port dia. in the green box. Also check 'include effect of port resonance'.

          Click image for larger version

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          I use REW to measure and WinPCD and Xsim to attempt simple crossover builds. Even using a minidsp, you'll still need to measure.

          I've been wanting to get my hands on that 8945 doped paper cone for a long time. Yes, I'm jealous.


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            In unibox I am in capability mode and that cell is protected, I can change others but everything from f3 and down is locked. I also must admit I am excited to try the Ushers, I have put them in my cart so many times and never bought them. Finally i said enough was enough and just went ahead and jumped in the water.


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              OK so everything has arrived and now the new floors have been installed so I can proceed with my build. I am going to use a 22 L box with a 2.5 in port that is 8 in long. The next step would be measuring the impedance and the drivers themselves. Do I need to put the drivers in the box I intend to use or just in the baffle? I am gong to read through this tonight to figure out driver spacing.