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    Looking good. I "wood" (pun intended) recommend that when you build the final enclosure, the material you use that will frame the removable panel should be hardwood. It looks like in the pic they might be MDF. If you are using wood screws to hold the back on those will pull through the MDF. They wont if they are hardwood. If using a machine type fastener you should be good to go.

    I like the shape and size much better with the electronics on the inside.

    Did you PM me about the input plates? Another member did. I have the last of the Erse 3x5 blank input plates...the ones they will not remove from their site and state are out of stock. They will not be getting anymore in...ever. They are really good for mounting the KAB external items - LEDs, switches, volume control, etc.
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      So I had a little time on my hands, and some bits of leftover wood, so I started on a couple of enclosures..

      This one will have Rhino Liner type finish.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	77HVloV32QGPdLPxEDoGszuOw33VhhegZnfHmhdv9UdKpCzB_SMmEr_KJQJ-Zg-Q56Zi1-bZHtJvzcOyF0gaBA583jSqbgLOYRZL-QV1EwBnKYw0Glil7XOY5krN_aRXr7hA764ACIMkUD0xVsEmR7U1dyvu07sCZmPgQYBhCnpGMYkKkwWA6IvB7O8u-IrEu8a00Zz0q9DheU6GgFpB3AxZBRJ4PhIxzvSJywCW2JLrS5YyHZY9Wi9ewf3ZfAb
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      Walnut and Ash

      Click image for larger version

Name:	lMWxMTe7JSEz-W4ZsLycjbsHybjVL91d0gBfmYK--p6Sdv_6ziz-lrgzKI0e4uKgwjF8pgU_zoV89dc_VGBekcBgC0lFdarnqjKQu-sgRPdr2arqB1glONG_XSsrPO3dVxGKNHgywXq-OnoYRSJeH7aTLoDEkZfvMhOEVuAr6MAykuQEx5rgsZ0srhLCnUm-xQiJsJbrVdBJ9sEnIaiPKig5uW49nssXOXJvh6Sj4HYJCHLXA7-ckiBBf85xFBU
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      Walnut and Spalter Irish Beech

      Click image for larger version

Name:	20to4eMxiWBphoWO0XKLVY9jKGi3frksUFajXTQBBnd4QQtgGgAFG9nC9HKfZReB8RKnrNRyCGXA7IcjgGIcbb0fBnrjv6rZod9u2V32G_rYswUtvnzA903GCkU3fXyBRd6RNiNq71AKD-Rh_SNYz7RTJSdlfY-obujxuJazUWyG3R6UolFJkdG3r3fmKS0bZGaQK3s47wPWk1Q3RbY-WkfV4OSWovK5VW9ggv559yGzaT8p3MwwNwBIWRjAqH6
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      I do like the spalt, but with so much to cut out I think I will go with the Ash.
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