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  • New toys from Audible Physics

    Audible Physics has just released a new 100mm, 4" driver(frame OD), the RG100.4 4 ohm (intended for car audio) and RG100.6 6 ohm (for us home guys). Rishi, the owner and designer, was kind enough to send me a pr of the 6 ohm units for testing and subjective review.

    I have used DATS to measure them and they match specs beautifully. On my phone right now, but I will post them tomorrow. The build quality is top notch as I have come to expect from them. Be noted that these are not inexpensive drivers coming in at $699 pr. Nope that isn't a misprint. There will be a lower cost unit arriving soon though. Rishi just wanted to build a true high end driver, no holds barred so he did. The drivers are available at They are not listed on the site just yet but will be soon.

    The grill is innovative being a separate al ring in which the driver sits in and the grill is sandwiched between the ring and driver frame. A large rubber gasket gives an extra measure of holding the grill in place.

    My enclosure modeling came in at a scant 2.65L ported design with an Fb of about 75hz. This results in an f3 of about 65ish hz. It will take 20w before breaching xmax of 5mm at 60hz. Not bad for a driver with only a 2.75" cone! The voice coil is 25mm.

    A few pics. My last pic showing the magnet is to large for the forum. I will resize and post it tomorrow.

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    I actually just took a few measurements of one of these yesterday. This is a stout little driver. All I have at this computer is a blended FR with nearfield and 15 degrees off axis, but its definitely a nice looking driver. Side note, I was not aware of the price. I assume the set we had was 4 ohm as it was shipped with tweeters as well.
    Click image for larger version

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    Your results may vary.


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      Yep, Geoff received the car audio units. I "just" got the 6ohm home audio variety which are sans tweets.


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        Isn't Audible Physics strictly OEM?
        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          Originally posted by gowa View Post
          Isn't Audible Physics strictly OEM?

          No, they do mostly car audio drivers, but have been branching off into the DIY home market for a bit now.

          They do offer OEM services though.


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            A few measurements. Distortion and freq response taken at a 90db level at 1m. 1/48 octave smoothing. The enclosures were sealed at this point.


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              They need a little more sanding but are essentially finished. I've added a 4db bsc circuit for now. I am really pleased with its performance. They are the best full range driver I've auditioned. I really don't feel like they lack much of anything. No sibilance, no harshness, just smooth. And I've been putting them thru their paces too. For more info and a more detailed review, please look at my Facebook page.


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                Oh here is the imp plot after the ports were finished.