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Any "hidden jewel" 2 ways among the Flash Sale collection?

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  • Any "hidden jewel" 2 ways among the Flash Sale collection?

    Hi Gents,

    Just curious; with so many deeply discounted drivers, are there any woof- tweet pairs that would make a nice 2 way? An affordable crossover that doesn't use expensive inductors would be important too. Just wondering...


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    Both the woofer and the tweeter for Wolf's Stances are on sale right now.


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      ...And the parts values aren't large.
      Thanks for the nod, Craig!
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        Hey Jay! If you are looking for an affordable, easy to work with woofer, the Peerless 830656 is only $15 right now. Pair that with the BC25TG15-04 and it should come together nicely as a small bookshelf speaker. I used the 656's and the little BC25SC06-04 to build monitors for my video editing system at work. They are nothing fancy, don't go super low (my box is a bit too small), but they were really easy to model and sound pretty decent. I'll dig up the crossover, but I think the component count was fairly low.
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