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WinPCD - Version 1.513 released - UI response enhancement related to polar plot

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  • WinPCD - Version 1.513 released - UI response enhancement related to polar plot

    Prior to this release the user interface locked up when the polar calculations were being made. No windows could be opened or moved, even the polar window would accept no user input. There was a single thread.
    With this release the user can now open, move or close windows to include the polar plot window. Controls that affect the calculations cannot be changed, however, because this would interfere with the polar plot calculations. The polar plot window can be closed prematurely and the settings will all reset to what they were before calling the polar plot.

    While coding these changes I noticed that there was some error in the off-axis response. The farther off-axis the mic angle, the more error occurred in the calculations. That has been corrected and I think that the off-axis calculations are now accurate. Keep in mind, however, that the off-axis has two components, the change in delay from each driver due to different distance and the change in each driver due to the off-axis response change. The latter is a calculated change based on the basic assumption of a flat radiator. It's not accurate (and possibly worse than reality), but it provides a basic idea of the change with angle.

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    Great, thank you!



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      I recently switched to winpcd when i got a new pc and ms office was too new to use the pcd sheets. I did a rather difficult recessed woofer build and the acoustic offset section was insanely handy and easy to use. The build went well so thank you for your efforts with win pcd
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        Yes Dave, thank you very much! I switched to WinPCD when you first released it. It is awesome.