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Active 2-Way Crossover Suggestions For Dayton KAB Boards

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  • Active 2-Way Crossover Suggestions For Dayton KAB Boards

    Has anyone used an active crossover with the Dayton KAB boards? I am wanting to do a 2.1 setup for our home gym but haven't been able to find a good option for a crossover. The biggest issue is finding one that is a single rail design so that an additional power supply isn't required.

    One thought I had was using a car audio crossover since they are already 12v but most of them have an output voltage that would exceed the input rating for the KAB boards.

    Any advice?

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    Car audio would be your cheapest and most readily available option. Don't worry about the output voltage, that's only if you're cranking the input so just turn the volume down if necessary. Worst case, add a pot to knock it down.
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      Not super cheap but great and he has a schemo for 12v there.
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        These have caught my interest because they claim to have adjustable baffle support compensation. I may order one and give it a shot.

        I wish the Dayton 2.1 offerings had a true 2-way crossover or at least an adjustable low pass...
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