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Dayton PA-310-8 12" Woofer question ....

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  • Dayton PA-310-8 12" Woofer question ....

    After reading the reviews and suggestions on these speakers I have a few questions .

    I'm wanting to build another pair of speakers for near-field listening in my office .

    The graphs show cabinet volume of .44 cu.ft. unvented ; 1.04 cu.ft. vented .

    Are these optimal volumes for all types of listening ? I'm wanting to do a Two-Way using this woofer

    Pyle PDS182 driver

    Selenium HM 25-25 Exponential Horn

    Would the Dayton XO2W-2.5k be a good choice ?

    As far as venting , what would be an optimal vent-tube . Can the venting be done out the side ?
    Thanks to all , Steve

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    A 1 cu.ft. vented box with this speaker is going to cut off pretty high. Are you planning to use it with a subwoofer?
    Brian Steele


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      Closed, you're barely going to reach 100 cycles.
      1 cu.ft. vented won't quite make it to 60.
      For full rang bass (for music) I'd prob'ly go 2.3cf w/a 4"id port that's 4" long.That should get down into the mid 40Hz range.
      The vent can go nearly anywhere as its output will be centered on 45Hz.

      That said, for "nearfield" (about 3'? - and in an office setting?) why would you want a 12"/horn 2-way??
      As always, it's doubtful that a generic ("textbook") XO will serve you well.
      Also, 12" woofers generally never operate well up to 2.5kHz (or even 2.0k, realistically). (sc)


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        Thanks guys , I was reading the specs. and I saw the figures I mentioned above . So that is what I based my questions on . I thought the specs. were in the " way to small size " . Chris , that 2.3 sounds much more realistic . I have my speakers set roughly 8' apart and 8' away . My system is not high end by any means . It's nice for the office or shop area . I'm thinking I should provide the sources I've been reading . Then you can see where I'm getting my hair brained ideas/questions .