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Is Tang Band 2053 Subwoofer plus extended range 2 way realistic?

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  • Is Tang Band 2053 Subwoofer plus extended range 2 way realistic?

    Hello Gentlemen,

    With the TB 2053 on clearance, it is tempting to get a couple, but I'm wondering if there is a practical application for it other than as a stand alone Mini-sub or a woofer in a 3 way. Having just gotten started building 2 ways I'm not ready to tackle a 3 way and have already done a bunch of mini-subs with mixed results. So, the only reason I could justify the purchase ( other than just being a bargain) is if they could be paired up with an extended range driver like the PS 95 or similar to make a reasonably compact 2 way with good highs up to around 13K and serious lows down to around 38 Hz. I'm pretty sure every newbe to this hobby has considered a similar project and I haven't seen anything like it in the project gallery so I suspect it is not practical, but thought I'd throw it out for feedback.


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    Look up Javad's "Microfarads" project.
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      I remember the Microfarads project, but forgot that it used the TB 2053. I had not seen the Microfarads V2 project, but it is even more impressive. I'll be ordering a pair of the 2053 s and picked up a pair of the Fountek FR58 EX 2 inch extended range drivers during the flash sale to mate them. It should be interesting...
      Thanks for the lead on a neat use for the 2053 s.