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    on good quality headphones, listening to 128kbps and uncompressed, I could only hear a difference in a couple of tracks, and even then, it was extremely subtle. I seriously doubt I'd ever hear something at 320kbps. I rip all of my MP3s at 190kbps and I have no complaints.

    I do have a question for Spotify users though: How is the variety and size of their playlists on their "stations"? I'm more interested in listing to stations than building playlists. Right now I listen to SiriusXM in the car, and at home I use Pandora. I love the idea of Pandora, but in reality, whatever station I choose has a pretty small rotation of songs, and frequently they "mix" genres from my various saved stations.


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      It varies. You can also follow other people's public playlists. I follow one that has ~1500 songs on it, you can go nearly a week without any repeats. Its basically a copy of the old Sirius "Jam On" station with a much, much, much larger song rotation.

      Spotify built playlists are 125-200 songs long. It auto generates playlists based on a song or artist as well (I used to use those a lot, not so much anymore).

      I'm in the late stages of "moving" my music collection to Spotify, the 2nd major move over the years (CD's/Tapes/Minidisk->mp3->Spotify). Over time dealing with a huge bloated collection of mp3's became such a pain that I didn't bother much, just listened to Sirius instead. But the mp3 phase did teach me its not about the music you own but the way its organized and the playlists you make; making and organizing playlists is what Spotify does well. I keep a few (big) playlists downloaded (+sync'd) on my phone for listening to in the car (or with headphones). Liking songs is the equivalent of buying a CD or downloading an mp3.


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        I like Pandora's algorithms for casual station listening better than Spotify's systems. But you're right... they do start to get stale and if you're not careful with your thumbs up and down you'll end up merging all your stations into the same stuff. There's a discovery mode that I haven't messed with, not sure if it's a Pandora premium feature but that is supposed to increase the variety a bit.

        Spotify has a few playlists I like to hit for speaker testing and more focus on fidelity across genre. There's a cambridge audio "speaker testing tracks" playlist, and a "songs to test headphones with" playlist that are my go to. For me creating playlists is a pain, so I tend to hit the auto generated daily mixes which are quite hit and miss. If I play some new age something or other or some rain sound to go to sleep my daily mixes all the sudden think I want to hear nature noises all day. It's also annoying when one of the daily mixes is great, but the next day that mix is a completely different genre.

        One thing I don't do enough, mostly because I'm driving and can't play with the UI, there's a function to start a station based on the track you're listening to. That's handy to rotate variety. Again though, Pandora's selection algorithm is better IMO.
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          I learned a long time ago not to thumb up or thumb down anything, otherwise I get pigeon-holed into a 3 song rotation. With my new "stations" haven't done a single thumb-up or thumb-down, but I still get a limited rotation of songs, and even worse, it seems like they want to cross-pollinate my favorites. Whether I'm listening to smooth jazz, blues, alt country or a Sturgill Simpson station, somehow Chris Stapleton seems to work his way into all of them. Don't get me wrong... I love Stapleton, but he's not what I expect to hear when I chose the Smooth Jazz station. I've also had the Eagles play on the Smooth Jazz station. They're my favorite band, but they sure aren't smooth jazz.