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New UHD Samsung TV to Old Yamaha a/v receiver. How to hook up.

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  • New UHD Samsung TV to Old Yamaha a/v receiver. How to hook up.

    Hello. We Have a brand new Samsung UHD TV. There are no RCA audio outputs. It comes with a small adapter box with the letter ARC, looks like speaker or audio connection. Do they make an adapter cable so you can use your older HT set up? Thanks all.

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    Model number of the TV? You might have already done so, but I usually have a lot of luck doing a Google search...
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      TV should have an optical digital audio output -- use that into your A/V receiver. If your receiver doesn't have an optical input, you should be able to buy a box to convert the optical to RCA out for about $30 or less.

      alternatively, there are adaptors which can pull an audio signal out of HDMI cables

      both of the above should be available on PE


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        Thank you so much for your help. The 2nd link looks like what I'm looking for. Thank You!