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S2000- any thoughts on it?

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    Nearfield you will probably do well doing the TM (single woofer) instead of the MTM (two woofer) kit.


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      I have the TM S2000s as my PC sound, along with PE 2.1 plate amp in a Tang Band W8-740C sub. The TM uses the same 1/2" thick Baltic Birch flat pack as the Overnight Sensations from DIYSG. A very compact speaker with very nice drivers. I went loud on some well recorded vintage swing music last week, they really performed well in the 2.1 setup.

      The only thing smaller generally available in a flat pack kit is the Quarks. I have a pair of those too, S2000s get louder.


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        Anyone have any more pictures of their S2000 TM crossovers? I'm not familiar with reading XO diagrams. I was hoping to cheat off someone if they have some good pics.
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          Pictures of xovers with wiring done on the backside aren't very helpful for others. For me its much easier to do the wiring on the same side as the components.


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            That's what I've been running into, was hoping someone had theirs wired up on the same side so you could see how everything wass connected.


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              I could not get a good picture as it would be through the woofer hole. I suggest you lay out your components and start drawing pictures of how you would attach them to each other. The schematic is a graphic representation of electrical connections. The actual results look different. It takes some mental gymnastics to translate.

              This might help.



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                Thanks for the link. I'll lay them out tonight and see if I can map these out using the information you sent. I think once I've gotten one or two done, there will be one of those "Aha!" moments where it all clicks.


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                  Originally posted by elamcar View Post
                  Thanks for the link. I'll lay them out tonight and see if I can map these out using the information you sent. I think once I've gotten one or two done, there will be one of those "Aha!" moments where it all clicks.
                  Post pictures of your layout, and we'll help you.
                  Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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                    I'll jump in here with some pictures. Turns out I vastly overestimated my abilities here. I followed along the parts-express crossover guide and redrew the diagram in various stages. The last picture is a basic connection of how I think they should be wired. I haven't twisted or soldered them yet. What's confusing me is how/where they get wired to the drivers / binding posts. Thanks in advance!


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                      Probably whats confusing you is that the ground side really isn't shown by wires, but by the symbol for ground. So where those symbols appear there would be a wire from the input terminal ground to those points, and on to the drivers as well. That is shown in your first two drawings. I think you have it correct though.


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                        I need to finish mine sooo bad. Been frustrated with veneering pearwood. Finally have a good process with hot hide glue, but it's messy.


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                          First of all I wanted to thank ceiol for the xover layout. Well done sir.

                          Secondly I wanted to throw my s2000 impressions and a few pics into the mix for those looking for more info or are considering them as a project.

                          TLDR: Great sounding speakers, tweets are clear, non-fatiguing, has a lot of nuance and detail. Mids are solid and bass is exceptional for such a small speaker. I had to check the sub was off when demoing them for the first time. If you're looking for small speakers that deliver big high quality sound - you will be extremely hard pressed to find a better value.

                          I ended up utilizing the recommended port size by gluing the extension piece in the smallest configuration. I also packed the cabinet pretty damn full of polyfill, and can say it does add a lot of warmth and depth to the bass response.

                          I built these with the intention of utilizing them as rears and rear atmos duty for the bedroom setup. With that in mind the requirements were as small as possible (for WAF) and as full range as possible (because why not). I finished them white to match the furniture also to increase WAF.

                          Once completed in unfinished state I brought them to my computer 2.2 setup without polyfill to give them a quick listen and test the xover, etc. I ended up leaving a pair of them for over a week and spent quite a bit of time with them. I changed receivers, settings/eq (audyssey), placements, etc. with a variety of music and games. For information purposes, the s2000's in question replaced a pair of MTM Overnight Sensations. I also have a pair of lilmike's anarchy tapped horns in mix.

                          Initial impressions were jaw dropping. I did not expect them to produce as much quality sound as they do in a cabinet half the size of the MTM OS's with a 1/3 less speakers (MT vs MTM). The tweet is clear and has a lot of detail and nuance and did not fatigue. The mids are solid and the bass was the star of the show. I literally had to get on the floor to make sure the subs were off, they produce that much clear/quality bass in the 50's. For ~$100 shipped with the flat pack, they are an insane value.

                          In my opinion these speakers are great for a variety of duties. If overall finished size of the speaker is of high importance, I'm not sure you can get much better than these, especially for the value.

                          1. Excellent small 2.0 or 2.1 setup for music listening, depending on the music and volume desires these just may be enough in a 2.0 setup.
                          2. Excellent for surround or atmos duty

                          For rear and atmos duty these are pretty much overkill in my bedroom setup. I'm extremely impressed with the overall quality of the sound these tiny speakers produce. The bass these produce is comical coming from such a small speaker.

                          To be thorough, these would not satisfy my desires for a LCR or 2.0(2.1) setup. They do not produce enough volume and do not go low enough for my personal tastes. I would expect LCR / or stereo setup to be strong into the high 30's to low 40's with high volume.

                          A few pics for your enjoyment. Let me know if you have any questions.

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                            Nice work. I never show anyone my crossovers. I like those clamps, the pigeon toed ones. Harbor freight?

                            I agree with your sound rating, real bargain.


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                              Originally posted by djg View Post
                              Nice work. I never show anyone my crossovers. I like those clamps, the pigeon toed ones. Harbor freight?

                              I agree with your sound rating, real bargain.
                              I believe the pigeon toes came from home depot, quite a few years ago at this point.

                              LOL about the xover, it is a very personal thing to show.


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                                I'm probably one of the slowest guys here.

                                I finally finished my speakers about two nights ago (after getting the flu, ironically).
                                It's the first time that I gave up on a perfect finish....I sanded back my pearwood to a nice 160 grit...rubbed on some soap.
                                The soap left a lovely finish.

                                The speakers aren't burnt in yet, but I can definitely hear that these are very competent speakers.
                                They easily pass the "can you tell a WAV vs MP3 test."
                                However, the mp3's are still very, very listenable.

                                Anyways, a big thanks to Paul Carmody for designing these...I really need to get started on his guitar sometime.