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S2000- any thoughts on it?

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    By the way, can anyone compare these to the Continuums or Kairos?

    I have the itch to build again, and am thinking of one of the three: Continuum, Kairos, or LX mini clone.


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      Actually I'm building some real LXminis, and they will be right beside my downsized HT with S2000s. Stay tuned.


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        Originally posted by djg View Post
        Actually I'm building some real LXminis, and they will be right beside my downsized HT with S2000s. Stay tuned.

        Please document well, and let me know how you like them!

        Currently, I'm saving up for a 3d printing system...I'm tempted to print the couplers off a thingiverse design that I found.

        It'd be nice to build a combination of Jeff, Paul, Seig...maybe oneday Wolf too.


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          I'm planning to build a pair of S2000 MTM using the DIYSG kit (I have no woodworking tools anymore). They need to do double duty as desktop speakers, and as the main speakers for a 12'x15' room, sitting on a desk 7' apart, and roughly 4' from the desktop listening position, or when moving around the room. I will power them with a NAD D3020 amplifier. I simply do not have the room for anything bigger than a ~6"x9" footprint for the speakers

          I know that there are some concerns in using an MTM configuration as near field monitors, but in my case they are not so "near", and I really think that the MTM will be needed when used as main speaker for the biggish room. I also do not want to use a separate woofer, because I'm not bass-crazy and in any case those tend to annoy neighboring apartments (bass transmit much further than the person listening realizes), so MTM is the only way to get some bass out of a 6"x9" footprint.

          I looked at a few other kits (OS, C-Note, Quarks, etc) and the S2000 MTM seems to be my best option. And I need to use a kit, since I have no way to make or modify cabinets

          What do people who use them think of using the S2000 MTM as close as 4' away? I'm willing to accept some compromise in order to have one pair of speakers cover both scenarios (desktop and main speakers)


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            I'm using two TMs and an MTM for HT in a larger room than yours, quite adequate, but with a sub. The MTMs will be more sensitive with more bass than TMs. One user review at diysg is happy with MTM monitors. I hooked the one MTM up briefly to my PC 2.1, can't really give you any meaningful info other than it was louder than the TM it was playing with.

            The flat pack is very easy to assemble, I recommend you tape it together and let the glue set up a bit, then clamp. It will avoid the pieces sliding around with wet glue.

            You will need to drill holes for the binding posts, use the ones Erich shows.


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              They should work for you.
              However, I feel it may be big for desktop speakers.

              Mine is paired with a SMSL AD18. Works great as DAC/AMP, aux, or BT. I haven't tried coax or optical yet


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                Fwiw, I didn't use clamps on my builds.... just a crap ton of tape....


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                  Thanks for all the input on the S2000 MTM as a desktop speaker. After going back and forth, I decided instead to get a pair of Speedsters. According to Paul Carmody, the S2000 shine best when used at higher volumes, and I tend to listen to music at pretty low volumes, esp when in front of my PC.


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                    Good to know.

                    I may bring my s2000 speakers to my workshop.

                    I generally listen to low volume stuff too


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                      S2000 MTM crossovers using the available PC boards. Well worth the price IMHO.


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                        Just an update.

                        These speakers pass the "sloppy smile" test.
                        They bring a sloppy smile to my face.