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HiVI M6N two way design

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  • HiVI M6N two way design

    Hi Gents,

    I recently got a pair of Scott S.'s Mercury speakers up and running and like them a lot. They are, in my opinion, a step up from the Overnight Sensations (which are themselves really nice) and are very affordable. So, flushed with success from that project, and seeing that the HiVi M6N are on sale, I thought I would post here and see if anyone is aware of a proven design using that speaker and an affordable tweeter. Part of me says to just ask about a two way that uses the Dayton DA175 since it looks like it would go deeper and would be easier to cross over, but because I like the HiVI sound in the Mercurys and OS and the M6Ns being on sale, I thought I would post this inquiry. I have Dayton ND28F and Peerless XT25 SC90-04 tweeters "in stock" and it would be a plus if I could use either of those with the M6Ns, but most important would be a design using a currently available tweeter that sells for no more than $50 a pair.


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    Paul Carmody has used that woofer in several designs. "ZX Spectrum" is a 2-way, and "Swope" a 3-way I believe.


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      Thanks for the input Chris, but the tweets on the ZX spectrum are $85 each and the Swope uses the M5N.


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        If you decide to go with the DA175 here are a couple of builds using it and the DC28 tweeter. I have not heard them.


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          Slightly over budget, but on sale for $30 each, I think these would make a nice combination with the M6N:

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            Here's the M6N's FR response. You might need to cross below 2K Hz. And a fairly wide baffle to keep the typical baffle diffraction "hump" below the driver's 5 dB hump starting at 1K Hz.


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              I was also thinking a low crossover between 1.5 and 2 kHz. The Peerless DX25 variants or DA25 seem like good choices for this application.
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                DA175+DX25TG59-04 at $20.71 each


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                  Originally posted by Jeff F. View Post
                  +1. Maybe someone can model the XT25 with the DA175 for the OP.


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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Click image for larger version

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                    Hi Dr Jay

                    I based these on Paul Carmody's Amiga's. Many thanks to him.

                    Went thru a lot of iterations to get here but now pretty happy, they sound great. A little bloated in the bass but mainly caused by their position in the room (a corner) and the room generally isn't great.

                    They use the M6n and XT25G30-04. Happy to supply specifics if they're of interest.

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                      Most say that the little "XT" doesn't like to cross as low as its Fs would seem to indicate.
                      Here's an XO using the little xt and the DA175 - crossing near 2.5kHz.
                      3n(ohm) resistor out in front of a 10uF series cap, then a (#20) 0.15mH shunt coil (to gnd), lastly an L-pad: SR=2n, PR=7.5n. Normal polarity is indicated.
                      2nd order LP: 1.5mH iron-core series coil, 8uF shunt cap. That's it.
                      Runs around 90dB w/at least +4dBSC. 8ohm load.


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