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Official Grand Rapids Blind Listening Competition - May 19

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  • Ranis
    Do we include tax into the $250?

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  • Official Grand Rapids Blind Listening Competition - May 19

    Ok, last thread on the topic. The Eclipse 5.25" woofer was chosen as the driver for this competition. You can get one by filling out the following Google form which will register you for the event and you'll get a code sent to you to get the Eclipse woofer at the special discount pricing. Official rules below:

    The budget for the event is $250 for the drivers and crossovers. The woofer will be counted at the special price ($39) for this event. A bill of materials should be submitted with your build which show retail (not sale) prices. With the exception of the woofer, no other special pricing is allowed to be used for the event. Shipping costs do not factor into the cost of the build. With the exception of waveguides, cabinets and damping material do not factor into the cost of the build. Waveguides, if purchased, must be added to the build cost at retail price.

    You must use the Eclipse 5.25" woofer in your build. You can use it in any alignment or configuration you want but there must be at least one per side used. All other drivers are up to the builder, but must be currently available with a reasonable certainty they will be available in the future (i.e. no closeout or buyout drivers).

    Any cabinet configuration is permitted. Non-adjustable stands will be provided at the event for bookshelf speakers.

    The judging will take place on May 19 at the Meniscus facility in Grand Rapids. Listening will be done blind. Anyone involved in the setup will not be allowed to vote. Scorecards will be handed out to all in attendance and summed by category at the end of the day. The speaker with the top score will be crowned the winner.

    At least one of your speakers must arrive at the Meniscus facility in Grand Rapids NLT May 12 for measurements. They can be shipped in at your cost or dropped off in person. Return shipping is your responsibility as well.

    That covers everything I can think of in the rules, but if you have questions, just let me know.