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Anyone Built Pete's New Designs: Apollo / Ares ?

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  • Any idea when the Apollo MTM might be back in stock at diy? Wanting to build a set of something soon and the struggle to wait is real😂 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk


    • Originally posted by monkish54 View Post

      I typically prefer hard domes to soft domes, so I lean in the direction of the DA25BG08 if it truly is a good unit. I'm building a new 5.2 system, so I save a good bit of money going with the Peerless as well.

      I am looking to cross around 1500-2000 to a ZA14W08. I find myself listening at reference level quite a bit, can the DA25BG08 handle "extreme" volumes as low as 1500, 1800?

      If I recall, 2000 shouldn't be a problem. And it should play quite loudly. When you say "reference level" at what distance does that apply?
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      • Originally posted by annjones13 View Post
        To find the MTM design, search:
        usher_mtm peerless HDS
        design by J. Kim
        Thats a Woojae Kim design not Dennis Murphy. That design probably sounds pretty good. I built a couple of J. Kim's designs and thought they were pretty solid.


        • You are right about it being J Kims design. I was looking thru usher 8945 builds and liked Dennis's design, but wanted an MTM. Kim's build was the next one I found.
          Sorry for the miss-crediting. Hope I can get it to work with the Wavecors.


          • So far so good, after a couple days of listening the wife and I are very happy with the clarity of the sound with the new center speaker. Only have one working box with a wavecor tweeter, and will measure soon with a microphone. Do not want to fab a second xo without testing.
            The new center does blend nicely with the the existing flanking speakers (Dayton tweeters).

            There's actually a 4th MM anarchy speaker in the corner, works well as a sub also. Someday the 5.1 shown will be a 6 speaker MTM/MM Anarchy combination.


            • The cabinet looks very good. I like the way you did the slot port, what is the dimension and length? Perhaps also the interior volume of the cabinet?

              Here's an idea. A solid wood 1 X 1 around the front edge & port with a round over. Sides and top/bottom veneered. Mabe a matte black laminate veneer on the baffle.
              In your room maybe just a light blonde finish would look good.


              • Can you raise the center channel higher ?


                • Originally posted by Pete Schumacher View Post

                  If I recall, 2000 shouldn't be a problem. And it should play quite loudly. When you say "reference level" at what distance does that apply?
                  About 10ft.


                  • Click image for larger version  Name:	port.cork.jpg Views:	1 Size:	81.8 KB ID:	1400969
                    Thanks for the finish ideas, maybe I can just spray them black with finish dye, but not in the middle of January; 10 degrees out there today!!
                    Sizes? Sure what every you need, the box net (excluding port) is 1.1ft3, port size is 7-1/4 x 7-1/4 x 5/8" wide slot.

                    Norm, need to fab one more stand.

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                    • hi guys. I recently built a pair of the ares mtm speakers. I had a pair of polk lsim 703's hooked up and I really like swapping out the to these. They sound great and put out a lot of sound. The bass is very impressive for a pair of 5.5 inch drivers in a 1 cu ft ported enclosure.

                      I'd love to build the larger versions with the 7" anarchy. These are some awesome drivers.


                      • I had three Apollo's up in my family room on bookshelves and wasn't overly impressed. The setup was nowhere near ideal. I decided to go back to waveguides up there and finally finished an Apollo pair for the basement listening room. The sound is absolutely incredible with zero furnishings or absorption. Two things that we all know but seldom are able to affect - the room and providing space to breathe. All I can say is WOW.

                        They're on 24" Monoprice monolith stands that are filled with kitty litter. Two 12" sealed SVS subs blend well. These things rock out to everything. Easily the most fun speakers I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Wife approved too. Nice job Pete!
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                        • I have had these on my shortlist for some time. I had a pair of D’Apolito JmLab mini utopia. I describe them pretty similar to how you describe these. Probably the most fun you could have with a speaker. I am sure I will end up building a pair.


                          • My kits arrived Friday. I have the xovers assembled but I am entertaining the idea of building them as floorstanders rather than putting them on stands. My 2yr old granddaughter is like a bull in a china cabinet so I can easily see them getting knocked off a stand.
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                            • I am tempted for the apollo 7 mtm.


                              • I have used the Anarchy woofer in a home audio setup before Kevin shutdown DIYcable but that was an MT with an Usher tweeter IIRC. I have also used them in a car audio setup. My last truck I used a pair in a small ported enclosure and they were outstanding. Almost everyone that heard it had to see that it was just a pair of 7" woofers that were making that much bass. I can't wait to hear the MTM that Pete designed.

                                I am also very impressed by the Wavecor tweeters he choose. Those things are an absolute beast. I hope to have my speakers up and running by the end of the week.

                                Having used them before I have no doubt they will live up to the reviews.

                                The xover boards that DIYSG offers are also top notch and very much worth the $11 cost.

                                Kevin had a design that used a pair of the Adire Audio Extremis woofers with the CSS WR125 and the Usher 9950 tweeter. I would love to see something like that with the Anarchy woofers.



                                • andykriech
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                                  i have a pair of the Adire 3-ways ("641" I think), they are a really great speaker. I use them in my vinyl room and they play all things well and have great balance and bass. Wonderful stand-mount 3-way. If you built something like that, you will love them.