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    I realize the site is mainly speaker building but I'm looking for feedback regarding the components I've selected for my 2005 VW Touareg. My goal is to improve the sound overall and dedicate subwoofers for the low end without installing one in the cargo area. The factory head unit will be replaced with aftermarket to utilize the RCA outputs and bypass my OEM amplifier with a Soundstream ST4.1000D amplifier. It's rated for 90Wx4 RMS @ 4ohms and is small enough to fit in the storage drawer under the front passenger seat. I'll use two channels for the front stage and bridge the other two channels to 250W for the subwoofers. The Touareg has odd size (for me anyway) speakers...8" in the lower doors, 3" in the upper doors, and tweeters in the front door near the A-pillar (no tweeters in the rear doors). I'd like to run a 3-way configuration in the front doors, 8" subwoofers in the rear doors, and power the 3" in the rear doors off the head unit. Does anyone see any faults with what I have chosen?

    Front tweeter - with
    Front midrange - with
    Front woofer - with
    Rear midrange - with
    Rear door subwoofer -


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    If you want to run a three way system up front you would be better off going to a fully active system with dsp which will make it much easier to tune. If you don't want to go down that road then I would look for a good 6" 2 way system for the front doors. The problem with that woofer is it is not designed to run open baffle in a car door, unless you plan to build a sealed enclosure for it. Same with the rear sub you have picked - it needs .7cf of airspace for a sealed enclosure and will only be tuned to 60hz or so. That little amp probably wouldn't like running 6 speakers off the two front channels without a proper 3 way crossover either - could be too low of an impedance load for it.
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        I didn't notice that the mid x-over was a band pass - it might work then. Might be worth putting the three drivers zma and frd files into a crossover design program and see what kind of impedance values you would get with the crossover boards you have picked.

        Edit - I added the files into Xsim quickly - looks like it would be pretty much a 2 ohm load. Bear in mind this is just a quick sim and might not be 100% accurate - but should be close. Click image for larger version

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            I had read many car stereo guys praise the Silver Flute woofers on the web over the years. I bought the 6.5s last summer, along with some tiny Peerless OC25SC65-04 tweeters. I took near-field measurements, modeled the crossovers, and added some sound deadening to the doors. IMO, those woofers do live up to the hype. They are built VERY well for a $30 woofer.
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              Thank you for the recommendation! I will look into them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk