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  • Solstice (power and ohms)

    I decided to not build a pair of speakers from scratch but rather build a proven design. I really like the Solstice kit from PE. My only concerns are: They have a very high rms power rating. I'm not sure my receiver is powerful enough to power these properly. I have a new Yanaha R-N602 receiver (80 rms x 2 at 8ohms). Also. the Solstice is 4 ohms. I am not sure if this will be hard on my Yamaha. Any thoughts

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    The difference between what the receive provides and the speaker rating is a little under 4db.
    In all likelihood the Yamaha will produce more power with a 4 ohm load.
    I wouldn't consider this a major issue, unless the Yamaha has warnings about low impedance loads.
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      The total SPL you need is highly room dependent as well. Meaning of you need to fill a very large room with high ceilings etc than yes you may need the extra oomph. However, if your room is more modest you can get a way with less total SPL but it is still plenty load before distortion becomes a problem, I use very low sensitivity speakers with a similar Yamaha receiver and the result is just fine. Sure a better more powerful amp would be better but what I have works.

      By the way I think the Solstice is a great kit and I am likely going to do one as well. Another option would be Apollo that is about the same price but will require a stand.


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        My living room is 14' X 12' with an 8' ceiling. Only thing i could find on the yamaha is you can only run 2 pair of 8ohm speakers all at once. (Two 8ohm speakers on speaker A outputs plus two 8ohm speakers on speaker B outputs) So my guess is A and B outputs are basically in parallel inside the receiver.i couldnt find a wattage rating for the yamaha at 4ohms output.


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          If you look at the back of your receiver it shows a min impedance of 4ohms. It will be not blow up


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            If you like things really loud, a pair of 8 ohm high efficiency speakers plus a powered subwoofer should be considered