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As soon as I thought I figured out Bluetooth...

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  • As soon as I thought I figured out Bluetooth...

    (And had made the concrete decision I was NOT a fan outside using it for phone calls in the car or while fixing something with both hands, gleaning guidance from some wise person feeding me directions for the task at hand.) I didn't have to read about the number and size of data packets early Bluetooth was sending from a digitized audio source to an amplifier to know that compression - or at least some kind of algorhymthic subtraction of audio data was hapennibg to understand what I was hearing. Yuck. Tinny emphasis dumped over straight midrange sometimes interrupted by that wonderful freeze-thaw of digital interface. No thanks. I was so anti, I missed it when Bluetooth 1.0B and 1.1. I just learned there was a Bluetooth 1.2 That increased speeds from v1.1 all the way up to 721 kbit/s. Look out! In an attempt to increase voice quality in phone calls, Bluetooth 1.2 also emplyed a new technology they called "Extended Synchronous Connections" (or eSCO), which did improve voice quality by allowing retransmissions of corrupted packets. It also had the bonus unintended consequence or slightly reducing latency in Bluetooth Audio transmission. Whoops! I mean... Yay! In 2004, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR came along. That would be Enhanced Data Rate to you and me. With +EDR Bluetooth ALMOST doubled their current 2.0 speed to 2.1mb/s!! That would have handled lossless audio right then and there except... nobody was made to adopt EDR. So it sat. Until 2011, when Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR rolled out. The biggest improvement to 2.1 is a more solid pairing between devices.and less dropped connections. Then comes 3.0. It can send data at a blazing 27mb/s. Just not using Bluetooth. It uses Bluetooth to negotiating with signals all.around it to piggy back on to and use some of their juice to move faster. This is in anticipation for the coming world full of the internet of things. The struggles continue. Bluetooth now is more of a hitchhiker than anything. We are in Bluetooth 5 with research already begin on v8! I continue to dislike Bluetooth results I get with audio in most settings. Audiobooks is about all I can stand. But I yearn for more wireless solutions. Might be time to try Wifi. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    Blasted technology, when will they get it right?!

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      The beauty of poor hearing is BT sounds just fine ... expecting my new BT 2 x 120 W amp to be delivered to my doorstep an minute now. It will power a pair a Large Advents I restored (bastardized) with MCM woofers as the original woofers were missing.

      Decibel: Looks like my Monster plenum 16 gauge cable but mine has a blue jacket (no longer in production).