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Spreadsheet or program to generate crossover target curve FRD?

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  • Spreadsheet or program to generate crossover target curve FRD?

    I'm using Room EQ Wizard (REW) to automatically generate miniDSP biquad coefficients for crossover and response smoothing development. The best way I've found to implement a target curve for REW is to use its House Curve option. The house curve is basically an FRD without the phase column. The magnitude values are offsets to the 0 dB passband. REW plots the House Curve as the target in its EQ window.

    I've come up with the following kludgey method to create a target curve file:
    - Use PCD to define the selected target (e.g. LR 4th order at 2 KHz) and display it on the response graph.
    - Copy the response graph from PCD into SPL Copy and create a FRD of the target curve.
    - Use Excel to delete the phase column and adjust the PCD absolute magnitudes to offset format, i.e. subtract the pass band dB value from all entries.

    Most of the crossover tools will create and display various target curves at a selected frequency, but I don't think they have the option to output an FRD of just the target. Does anyone know of an existing tool or an easy way to generate such an FRD? I really only need only LR 2nd and 4th filters, but being able to select the frequency is important.

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    WinFilters can export target files.

    WinPCD - Windows .NET Passive Crossover Designer

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