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Dayton 18 inch subwoofers

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  • Dayton 18 inch subwoofers

    I am going to be purchasing a couple 18 inch Dayton subs soon for a car stereo install. I have enough room to give each subwoofer 3 cubic feet, I definitely want to run them sealed for tighter snappy bass. Available power will be just over 1150 watts each, at a 2 or 4 ohm load.

    I'm certain they both will pack a lot of punch in my small SUV. My question(s) specifically..

    Which is more musical in same approximate size sealed enclosure. This is a mid size SUV

    The ultimax 18. Or the reference HO 18

    Pros, cons of each? Which ones going to play cleaner from 10-15hz to 70-90hz ? Power isn't an issue so not interested in ported box, I'll take the tighter snappier bass of a sealed box
    I can easily do 3 cubic feet per sub (single box with two sealed chambers) maybe 3.5 cubic feet tops?

    I'm building a 4 way active system with dual subwoofers. I know this is overkill, but excess is best.

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    Go to and download WinISD (it's free). Learn how to model boxes. You'll see that the UM18 in 6 sealed/stuffed cf will hit 30Hz, deeper in car.
    NEITHER of those subs will particularly like a 3cf box. If you're set on a pair, maybe dual 15s would work??


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      UniBox It runs in excel.

      UniBox how to written by greywarden

      Seriously, it's easy to do and you'll have fun playing around with all the different combinations. Not saying these alignments are optimum, but it only took a couple minutes to enter the data into UniBox. It makes it easy to see what happens as parameters change; Dayton um18-22 and um15.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	dayton um18.JPG
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	um15 3ft.JPG
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        Thanks guys. Hmm maybe one will work out better. I actually have enough room for almost 9 cubic feet but it would not be easily removed and would sacrifice room for tow strap, and miscelanious things in the cargo area


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          Originally posted by Bill C View Post
          .. a couple 18 inch Dayton subs soon for a car stereo install....
          ( to think I use (2) 18" in 22,000 cu ft room )

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            Originally posted by Sydney View Post
            ( to think I use (2) 18" in 22,000 cu ft room )
            I have waited 25 years to have a system like this. Divorced, kid is grown, oh yes, I will have it! Bwahahahaha