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  • IN-Khan-Neatos and amp

    Hi all,
    I have tried on a couple of other forums but have had no bumps. I built the In-Khan-Neatos ( ,my first DIY) about two years ago for an in-wall replacement for some mains that failed, they have worked out great.
    At the time I was using a HK PA4000 100Wx2 setting amp, a HK3375 as a pre and streaming music using a laptop headphone jack to RCA outs (not the best).
    When I replaced the speakers I moved to Schiit passive Pre and also moved to a Schiit Bifrost DAC.
    The speakers as I said are great and the gear helped improve the sound as well.
    Well I am thinking I can do better than 15 year old HK PA4000 and a passive pre.

    My main question is how much power in a an amp do I need for the these speakers.

    I was thinking about going for a whole Schiit system with the Vidar amp (maybe two if that much power is better) and the Freya pre and the price is right.

    In my main system I have an old Hafler amp rebuilt by Audio by VanAlstine which is great. So that has also had me looking at his stuff (the price goes up).
    He has a SS amp with 150W per channel or a tubed version which is 200W per channel. I am also looking at his tubed preamps (two versions).

    With the In-Khan-Neatos, I think they can reproduce the cleanest sound I can feed them so that is what I am looking for.

    With the power question, can you have to much (I assume so because you are over spending and creating heat), If you have too much do you just use less dial on the pre.

    I am open to other suggestions for amp/pre or integrated. I am looking to upgrade from what i have and have no real constraints.

    Speaker cable run is 25Ft 12 guage.

    Thanks for the advice and help.

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    Headroom is a beautiful thing, that being said you can't have too much except for the sake of saying how much you have. I run a QSC CX404 on a set of Khan's and Dayton center WTMW and it's magnificent. IT is complete and utter overkill but so much headroom I could definitely melt coils if set up right.

    Part of it is having the power, the other part is knowing and setting up the gear right. I think a real 100-200W would be great for those.
    Builds - C-Killa - Speedsters - LithMTM - Talking Sticks - Pocket Rockets - Khanspires - Dayton RS Center - RS225/28A - Kairos - Adelphos - SEOS TD12X - Dayton 8 - Needles - 871S - eD6c - Overnight Sensations - Tritrix (ported) - Lineup F4 - Stentorians - The Cheapies - Tub Thumpers - Barbells - Tuba HT - Numerous subwoofers - probably missing a few...... :p


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      Ok great thanks.


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        Kits and built units.


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          Thanks, i have been looking at tubes4hifi. I have a functioning St70 stock that i just dusted off from 20 years on the shelf. It is working but now what to do, refurb or replace.


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            The Tubes 4 hifi amps are physically like the old Dynaco amps but use much better components and different circuitry. I looked at them years ago so it's an IIRC thing, but IMHO I'd buy a new ST120 myself.

            I actually bought a smaller ST35 kit since I was not looking for high power, rather lower power with high efficiency speakers.

            And the Class D Audio amps are often described as having a "tube like" sound by people I don't know on another forum.