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RANT: Shipping by USPS

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    Originally posted by williamrschneider View Post
    This winter we had a terrible FedEx Ground driver. He'd just drive up to the mailbox, and shove the box out of the truck at the curb. This was happening all around the neighborhood, according to our mailman. At one house, the FedEx Ground package sat by their mailbox for several days while they were away.

    When he was about to do this a second time, I ran outside and requested that he walk it down to the front door about thirty feet away. He just glared at me, and I saw him toss a package there a couple days later. He sure didn't like his job.
    Not defending the guy (he could just be a jerk of course) but I have heard firsthand stories from delivery people I know that they are literally overloaded with packages to deliver, and can not even spare 30 seconds, let alone a minute, to stop truck, get out, walk to door and back and so on.

    Not saying it is right, but they get super overloaded with work at times. And at the end of the day can not say..."I didnt get half my truck done".......some routes just


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      USPS is very reliable. I used to sell stuff on ebay as a side business, and I've shipped oh I don't know, probably 4,000 packages through them. If something was late or lost it was my fault, or in the rare case, due to shipping to a country with shady customs. No problem whatsoever with USPS delivery, if it says it's out today, it's out today.

      UPS is good as well, I don't use them much because I generally ship smaller things and USPS is a lot easier for that (they will send you packaging for free, and we've got a USPS dropoff at our local grocery store), but for larger stuff UPS' prices are better. UPS deliveries are very reliable for me.

      Fedex on the other hand, is the only delivery service that habitually can't give an accurate delivery estimate. Like others have mentioned, it will give a delivery estimate of today, when the the last city shown on the tracking is 500 miles away. Fedex is often 1-2 days late here. It's like you had one freaking job, to know when the package will arrive, and you can't do that. Seriously?

      All three bring the packages to my door. We live in a smaller town though, so the drivers are probably not dealing with the same load as others in bigger cities.


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        FedEx sucks. They are always my last choice. About half the time my packages end up at 101 XXX Court instead of my house which is 101 XXX Drive. You call them and the first question they ask me is "Can I go down and pick it up?" Why the hell would I go to the other end of my neighborhood when they've been paid to deliver it to my house. I've had the FedEx driver "sign" for the package. You call them and they say I've signed for the package. If I've signed for the package wouldn't I have gotten the spelling of my name correct?

        USPS, UPS, DHL, the pizza guy can deliver my stuff, it's beyond my comprehension why FedEx can't.


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          My frustration with shipping companies (including freight) stems from the fact that I am not the customer. The company that has the account and pays the bill is their customer. The only way to get their attention is to complain to the shipper; and hope they take your concerns to the shipping company; and then hope that they deal with their partners who did the actual delivery.