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Woofer size vs tuning

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    Originally posted by djg View Post
    Chris R. did a nice post illustrating the issue for the OP, but I fear we have lost nick.
    Yes, I was just suggesting that Professor Roemer give the Box Modeling "201" course next.


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      I'm still here and reading.


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        thanks for all of the reading suggestions. I even managed to find the only speaker book i have by David Weems (its well over 20yrs old). I used the book back then to build my first pair of speakers, the 8" two-way dual chamber project. Despite all of the other projects I've built over the years I still have them and I'm currently using them now. I followed the "cabinet" plans but I ended up using a premade stock 2-way crossover along with different drivers than what Weems design called for. From reading all of the things you guys have suggested the speakers I'm listening to now are a complete mess. But then again I was only 17 years old when I built these and I didn't really know any better then. About the only thing I do like about them is they put out really good deep bass. I'm wanting to build another set of tower speakers but I want them to be built properly, the correct way matching up the drivers properly and good crossovers. I was thinking of the Solstic or the Zrt's which led me to start this thread. I will probably still go with a proven design however I am enjoying the fact that I'm actually taking the time to learn things and it is helping so thanks again for all your comments and suggestions.


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          Originally posted by NickA1976 View Post
          ...I was looking at the PE Solstice kit which uses two 6-1/2" woofers and i think is tun(ed) to 30hz. I came across another design, Zaph Audio's ZRT two way ported design which uses a 7" woofer and is tuned to 30hz. From what you are all saying the bass output of these two designs will be completely different? ....
          I'm surprised no one's made the comparison. There is some data available...


          2.5 way

          And Jeff's Solstice

          I assume that both are designed as free-standing speakers that should be placed several feet away from room walls.
          Both should have very low distortion and well controlled dispersion, in addition to quite flat frequency response.

          Tune - both Zaphs are real 30Hz tuning, based on z-curves. Solstice says it's 37Hz tune, but it looks more like a 40 Hz to me. (Box resonance Fb is the middle of the two low frequency impedance peaks, lower curves above).
          Top end - Zaph's high end rises above 10KHz, Solstice falls off above ~14KHz.
          Low end - There is no Solstice curve, just Jeff's notes of an F3 of 34Hz and an F6 of 30Hz. I read off Zaph's curves about a 40Hz F3 and 30Hz F6, so similar extension.
          Sensitivity - Solstice is about midway between the 2-way and 2.5-way, which has about a 6 dB sensitivity advantage over the 2-way from the second driver and 4-ohm impedance rating.

          With similar layouts and component quality, these two speaker designs should all sound similar. And very good as well; you'll be hard pressed to do better for the money.

          The rest of the discussion is a good read, but i didn't think it addressed your clarified question.

          Have fun,


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            Thank you so much for the comparisons between those 2 particular designs. I don't plan on using a subwoofer so whatever project
            I build I just want to make sure it provides good bass levels.


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              If you aren't going to be using a subwoofer, the Solstice is probably the better choice. I didn't do the math, but typically four 6" woofers are going to move more air than two 7" woofers. If all else is equal for you, it would seem the solstice would be better without a subwoofer. I', at work, so I don't have time to run the exact calculations (sd * Xmax), but someone else might be able to.
              All about Speaker Design YouTube Channel


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                And, any news here ?


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                  While I have learned most of this stuff over the last several years (the Qts, and Vas, and Fs combinations and box size and turing ) it is very hard to describe to someone new to the speaker building hobby.