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Is anyone using a Dragonfly USB Dac?

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    Originally posted by JohnBooty View Post

    I'm really impressed with how much better car audio has become, even stock factory systems on inexpensive cars. I rented a Nissan Versa a few years back. It's the cheapest new car you can buy in America, and this was the most basic model apparently... even had the old-fashioned window cranks. But the stereo was surprisingly decent enough.That's a minor miracle compared to even 20 years ago, when expensive cars had mediocre audio and cheap cars had audio that sounded like you were listening to a $7 clock radio.

    I think car manufacturers finally realized by boosting audio quality, they could vastly improve customer's opinions of their cars in exchange for a very small increase in parts cost.

    We can probably thank cheap DSP EQ and cheap, plentiful Class D power for those improvements. Even crap car speaker drivers can sound pretty decent as long as their output is properly EQ'd into shape.
    I totally agree. There is no way they could get the quality of sound (my car is a 2015 Honda Fit) without at least some basic DSP/EQ. It also has a surprising amount of grunt with no sub. I have no doubt that the drivers are cheap but in the spirit of DIY they really eeked out solid performance.


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      A lot of the stock audio systems I hear in cars seem fairly mid-bass heavy.


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        Originally posted by philthien View Post
        A lot of the stock audio systems I hear in cars seem fairly mid-bass heavy.


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          Originally posted by stephenmarklay View Post

          I have not noticed that at all in mine. I just seems really balanced. It does not have that really LFE extension but it has impact and the tweeters are smooth and no grain or harshness. I really can’t complain about it at all.
          I agree. Last month they rented a very new Toyota corolla I think it was, for me for work, and the stock stereo sounded really really good, even considering it was Bluetooth. Ive never heard a stock stereo sound as good, ever.


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            Originally posted by markk View Post
            I'll let the reader digest the measurement data on these two pages, as well as KR's review page. And I'll let the reader decide which ones draw the most reasonable conclusions based on their measurements.

            Then you can just make up your own mind.
            Well, this KR guy says he measures nearly .1% distortion at one point with a real world load, and then goes on to say you have the best you can get, almost anything else would be worse?? Uh, yeah, right....

            -audioheuristics isn't around now

            I miss audioheuristics! Just sayin'.... ;-)


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              FWIW, Parts Express carries a usb dac, Part # 230-154. $40. While I confess I have not used that particular dac, I have used Fiio dac's in the past and found them to be reliable. I have also used the Burr-Brown PCM5102 chip on another brand and can state it makes a very big difference. The dragonfly may be 32 bit compared to only 24, but for the price you should take a look.