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Helium/bantam competition?

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  • Helium/bantam competition?

    Has anyone found/created a design that competes with these designs in size and extension? I love them but was just curious if there is anything different doing nearly the same thing....
    Builds - C-Killa - Speedsters - LithMTM - Talking Sticks - Pocket Rockets - Khanspires - Dayton RS Center - RS225/28A - Kairos - Adelphos - SEOS TD12X - Dayton 8 - Needles - 871S - eD6c - Overnight Sensations - Tritrix (ported) - Lineup F4 - Stentorians - The Cheapies - Tub Thumpers - Barbells - Tuba HT - Numerous subwoofers - probably missing a few...... :p

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    if you're willing to go up a bit in enclosure size, check out the s2000s. Really like these a lot.

    Other great small designs are Chotis by Kerry and the Dadiels by Mark65.

    Even smaller? the minions or wolf PCs

    If you must have these 0.04 cubic foot enclosures, then I'd lean towards a good 2.1 system. The PEDS 2.1 system by Bob in GA is great. Or, I've also done Quarks + a not-quite-Voxel subwoofer.


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      Interesting that you mention that.

      I just got my s-2000 in the mail yesterday.
      My Quarks + voxel was a great combo (but I gave my voxel to a friend to go with his Quarks).

      If others have done teh bantam and heliums, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
      My S2000 will likely go to either my parents (computer PC) or my friend's sushi bar.