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Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 - Interesting Results

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  • Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 - Interesting Results

    This guy runs amp "dyno" tests on his YouTube channel. Usually he's testing car audio amps, but he tested and compared the Dayton SPA250 and the Yung SD300 amps. I found the results to be interesting...

    He also tested a few of the Behringer iNuke amps in another video.

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    I'll save you guys the trouble of actually watching this.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Subwoofer Plate Amps_ Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 Tested - YouTube 2018-03-08 11_13_52.png
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      Thanks! I'm not a fan of sneaking YouTube video time during work hours. (somehow that's worse than lurking and posting in my mind)

      Not sure what their measurement method was for the Dynamic RMS power... a short burst of 40Hz? That seems to indicate more capacitance in the power supply. The SPA250 likely has an unregulated linear transformer supply, which tends to sag under continuous load but when backed by a good amount of filter capacitance can give you large amounts of short term peak power. Typical class D amps are powered by switching supplies, which lack that capacitance for filtering and won't push out short term peaks above their rated power.

      There's a very good reason switching supplies don't need the capacitance. For a linear supply with a bridge rectifier, you're filtering out 120Hz ripple. A switching supply runs in the 10's of kHz for switching frequency, so the filter requires far less capacitance to remove the ripple.
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        Behringer iNuke 6000 tested here, it is actually about 2KW/ch not 3K:


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          Lepai LP1601S:


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            Vintage NAD 2200 +6dB dynamic headroom works:


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              Vintage Proton D1200 amp also with +6dB dynamic headroom and it works:

              Nice internal build and meters.