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    Is it possible to create a band pass filter using 2 assembled high and/or low pass filters from stock? I want the band pass to be from 800HZ - 1.6KHZ. Thanks in advance.

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    You COULD, but they'd likely be so far from "optimum" as to be nearly useless.
    What's your application?


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      To elaborate on the above, a band pass filter is a high pass and low pass cascaded. The problem is that 'stock' filters don't work particularly well.


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        On a digital keyboard speaker system, I'm trying to isolate a range of frequencies to individual speakers for separation between octaves. Any ideas?


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          Not sure what you intend to accomplish, but I believe your concept of octaves may be incorrect. What makes each octave different is the frequency of the fundamental frequency of the note played, but when you play a note you're not just playing the fundamental, you're also playing all of the harmonics of that fundamental. You may be playing fundamentals in the 800-1.6 kHz octave but there will be harmonics extending the full range of audible frequencies. What will also be present in the 800-1.6 kHz octave is harmonics of notes from the octaves below that.
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