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What switch-box do you all use for A/B-ing speakers?

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  • What switch-box do you all use for A/B-ing speakers?

    Since I'm working on my first speaker design, I would love to be able to quickly compare the sound to some of the other speakers I have sitting in the house.

    I had tough about using the "A" speaker and "B" speaker connectors behind most receivers, but that would still require adjusting volume to account for sensitivity differences.

    So I'm guessing it has to not only be able to switch between two speakers, but also pre-set the volume so no audible volume difference is apparent.


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    I don't know that very many of us do it this way, for just the reasons you state. It's very likely "swap cables and adjust volume" in typical methods. While using an L-pad/resistor seems trivial, it can screw with the bass response. The most reasonable method would be a line-level switcher, followed by 2 integrated amplifiers set at different volumes for the speakers under comparison. The switch would likely have to be a make before break type, and of low noise.

    I made a 3-pair speaker switcher a few years ago, relay driven, that runs off the speaker outs of an amplifier. I do use it now and then, but mostly it's used as a mute circuit during events so we don't have to kill the amplifier during changing of pairs. I'll also be able to use it as a comparator between 3 different parts values or types if connected to a xover across where the part in question would exist.

    Let me know if you would ant more info,
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      I made my own switch box, with like 10 foot cables leading to it, so I can switch at the listening position, and it has one of those huge 4 pole double throw switches.
      Not ideal, as level is not matched, but it makes for a fun and interesting way to compare at home.


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        I bought the Pyle PSS4 PE Part # 310-2114 and it works "ok" but is cheaply made. Sometimes it is necessary to wiggle the selector buttons to get a good connection.


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          Adcom GFS-6